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Body Love
Zoom Gathering:
Affirming Your Body
Beautiful with Art

You're Invited!

May 27, 2020 at 7 p.m.

Georgia and Joss share

ideas, poetry, and art around sensuality!  Join Us!

"I decided to dedicate myself to myself, once I realized some deep healing was needed around self-esteem, body image and sexual power.  The best gift I ever gave myself was a period of celibacy; which gave my body, mind and spirit a chance to move through a sacred healing experience."

-Georgia M. Reash

"Live your life and the depth of your sensuality as if YOU, and you alone, are your own best orgasm!"


Paint, Chat, Laugh and

Love Your Body!

Energy Healing
Guided Meditations
Healing Circles
Reiki II Energy

Georgia offers a variety of tailored group meditations programs and energy  healing services that support women throughout their empowerment journey.   She possesses a Bachelors Degree in Social Work, is a Reiki II certified practitioner and Ohio Licensed Minister.  


Zoom Meditation 5/3/20

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Call Georgia at (216) 3380-7016 to develop a tailored program for your group or schedule a Reiki appointment.


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Rise With Honor

Orlando, FL (Late Spring 2021)

A Conference for Veteran and Active Military Women who Experienced Sexual Harassment or Assault while Serving Our Country.

Scheduled Location

The Caribe Royal Hotel

Orlando FL

Late Spring 2021

Our Military "Campaign" is

a War Against Culture.

About the Conference

Day 1:  Healing the Nation of Women

Allowing Truth to Have a Voice. 9 Workshops, Keynote, Vendors, Access to Healers, and Closing Ceremony.

Day 2:  Rebuilding the Warrior Within

Whole Person Strategies for Healing Mind, Body & Spirit.  9 Workshops, Keynote, Vendors, Access to Healers, and Closing Ceremony.

Day 3:  Weaving the Community Blanket

Linking Brothers, Sisters, Family and Civic Partners.  One Community Now Agency Collaboration Workshop, 6 Workshops, Resource Tables, Access to Healers and Grand Finale.

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