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Compelling speaker. Knowledgeable consultant.

Trauma, Healing and
Creative Process

Georgia is available to speak on a variety of topics for corporate, nonprofit, faith-based and arts organizations. She brings a whole systems perspective when working with individuals, families and neighborhoods; and, has added expertise in PTSD, women's issues, sacred feminine culture, and the impact on trauma.   

Georgia has worked with multiple community coalitions that focus on improving mental health and the status of women in community. 

She works with Collaboratives in creating effective solution strategies. 

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Arts Radio Network.

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5:12 into the show the interview begins.

Sensuality, Spirituality and Sexuality.

To live a fully sensual life requires a sacred appreciation of the sexual self and an honoring of both personal dignity and alignment with the magnificence you desire to be.  In this space, sex is more than just pleasure; it is a gift that inspires growth. 

A Passion Cry for

Healthy Communities...

The Impact of Trauma Culture on Mother Earth.
Integrated Approaches
to Personal and Community
Healing and Change

Check out Georgia's interview about creating healthy, holistic communities.

BrightSpot Communities 


Georgia is also President of BrightSpot Communities LLC,

a real estate and community development company dedicated to building sustainable communities, fortifying the capacity of thriving organizations and empowering citizen leaders.

She and her team of consultants support individuals, companies and cities through a wide range of services aimed at inspiring healthy people, prosperous economy and revitalized environments.

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