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Journey of the Hummingbird Minister


Journey of The Hummingbird Minister© is an autobiographical play written by Reverend Georgia M. Reash that conveys a powerful story of survival, healing and personal metamorphosis.  More than theater,  Hummingbird offers a compelling, dynamic, multi-faceted media experience, and includes an 18-piece art installation, education, poetry, and dance.  


Grounded in truth and shared with honesty and humor, Hummingbird is ultimately a celebration of strength. This drama weaves together accounts of trauma, recovery, and powerful moments of self-discovery, strengthened by the fibers of courage and spiritual learning.


Journey of the Hummingbird Minister is Rev. Reash's  testimony to the capacity of the human spirit, and is told through her amazing reclamation journey of surviving sexual assault, domestic violence, murder attempts  and attempted suicide. It openly includes her 2004-2015 navigation through Fibromyalgia, poverty, homelessness and PTSD recovery.  

As a mutli-media endeavor, Journey of the Hummingbird Minister has been successfully produced as a complete work, and has been adapted for presentation in shorter segments in theater and community locations across Ohio.  The long-term goals include national and international stage presentations, as well as a film adaptation. Additionally, Hummingbird is currently available as an educational drama in partnership with communities and schools, and is part of the national healing community project, Rise With Honor.


Partial Production

Metamorphosis Art Show and

Select Readings from The Hummingbird Minister 

at The Light and Dark of Mental Health

Sundry Studios, Cleveland OH

"A deep, inspiring and empowering t'ransformational story of courage, healing and recovery from sexual assault, murder attempts, domestic assault, and attempted suicide." 

Art Installations



"Transformational Reflections on Healing"

Poster from 2018 Installation


This Installation includes:

Art Show, Poetry Read

Community and Group


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for booking information.

Metamorphosis original artwork conveying the journey of healing from PTSD.

#53 Vaginas and Vulvas

"Art intended to inspire delight and discussion..."

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