Heal the Wound.




Metamorphosis©, the 16-piece healing art installation; an image and poetic presentation on the recovery from PTSD and sexual assault.

#53 Vaginas and Vulvas©, a 53-piece trauma-healing educational art installation featuring literal and impressionistic renderings of women's genitalia in a delishishly-delightful food motif.

WORKSHOPS  (2 hours)

Heal the Wound©releasing assault traumas through sharing, meditation, poetry, art and Miracle Mind Mapping strategies.

Body-Love©, painting your body into greater self love; healing art and empowerment workshop, with art introduction basics.

Divine Femme Poetry©: featured readers and open mic in celebration of all womxn!


I Want Good Sex: Reclaiming Your Sensuality After Living with Abuse, Assault or Stupid Meanies©prose, poetry, miracles and reflections on sex and sensuality after trauma.

Hummingbird Minister©,an autobiographical play revolved around PTSD healing and survivor strength.

Sensualities©: poetry and prose exploring the wide range of sensualities within, aimed to shed shame and celebrate.


The Medicine Within©: holistic strategies and whole person remedies for easing pain and recoverying from Fibromyalgia. 

New MasterClasses!


7 Week Group Workshop 

Weekend Retreat

14 Hour Coaching Package

Journey to Zesty-Licious:

The Total Sensuality Lifestyle©

Wealth is Within:

Harnessing the Power of Intuition

and Life Manifestation

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Reverend Georgia M. Reash, Artist, Healer and Minister


Georgia M. Reash is an artist-advocate for the empowerment of women and femme identified.  Her healing and transforming art is gleaned from her own survivor and recovery journey from violence.  She offers a broad range of programs and resources that empower survivors to fully embrace their sensual beauty, sexual vitality and personal magnificence after trauma.  

In addition, Georgia's experiences inform her work with local community institutions in understanding the culture of trauma and strengthening systemic response.

Her life as an artist, playwright, poet, dramatist and sacred dancer offer an expressive wellspring from which Georgia shares messages of resilience and courage. 

Her vision is to foster trauma prevention, healing and empowerment by hosting multiple theater productions and community workshops through the offering of multi-media art, technologies and products.

Heal Family Systems.


"The root of our individual traumas must be healed and released; when it is, entire family systems are gifted a healthier, happier foundation to build upon." 

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"Since 1998, over 53 million women in the U.S. have been raped; leaving a culture of trauma laced throughout civic life and its families. It's time to heal that wound, as individuals and as a society."

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Georgia and Pastor Sederia Graves, business partner, co-facilitator, amazing artist and Executive Director of Believing A Miracle, The Dream.

Heal Communities

"Like a final firing of virgin gold-plated glass,

I settle back and take a look at what all this waiting has yielded....

A wholeness that simply couldn’t be reached

with anyone else - but me."

Manuscript Excerpt, Act 2, The Hummingbird Minister